#29 | Miami Marlins

The next team in our Legendary Lineups countdown is the Miami Marlins. Originally known as the Florida Marlins, the franchise has been one of the most up-and-down clubs in baseball history. They won both the 1997 and the 2003 World Series titles, but both of those titles were followed by “fire sales” of all of their star players. What followed those triumphs were years of struggle and mediocrity. They just completed their latest fire sale this past offseason by unloading Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and others.

So, their Legendary Lineup features several players who also starred on other teams, including Miguel Cabrera, Derrek Lee, Mike Stanton, and Robb Nen. Did we leave anyone out? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!



One thought on “#29 | Miami Marlins

  1. are u seriously leaving jose Fernandez off for dontrelle willis…I cant even take this serious right now

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