#22 | Washington Nationals

It may come as a small surprise that the Nationals rank higher than many franchises with much longer histories, but the Nationals short time as a franchise has featured some of the biggest names in collecting history.

The Nationals were formerly the Montreal Expos, but for this list we only included players who played on the Nationals. Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg were two of the most hyped prospects ever and both have lived up to the billing in their careers. Add those names to some of the more recent players like Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon and you have a very formidable card lineup that should only become more impressive with age.

A unique feature of this list is the inclusion of Max Scherzer as the utlity player. He’s the first pitcher to be given this designation in our list, and deservedly so. There was just no way to have a list of Nationals players that didn’t include both Strasburg and Scherzer.


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