#13 | Atlanta Braves

As we get closer and closer to the most legendary card lineup of all time, our team selections will inevitably leave out some legends of the game. For the Braves, it seems insane that we couldn’t find a place for two-time Cy Young Award winner Tom Glavine, but when his competition for starting pitcher was four-time Cy Young Award winner Greg Maddux, it makes total sense. The other option would have been putting Glavine in the Utlity spot, like we did with Max Scherzer on the Nationals. However, that would be at the expense of two-time NL MVP Dale Murphy. It’s getting pretty tough to choose these teams over at Beckett HQ.

The Braves history dates all the way back to their Boston Red Stockings days in 1871. The team has changed names six times and cities three times, stopping in Milwaukee before finally settling in Atlanta. As we have done for every other team, this legendary lineup will only consist of players who played for the Atlanta Braves. The greatest victim of this decision is Hall of Famer Eddie Mathews who only played one season in Atlanta near the end of his career.

Card collectors will likely have fond memories of the 1990s Braves who dominated the National League, winning five NL Pennants and one World Series. That team was lead by the pitching staff of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz, plus the slugging of the extremely popular Chipper Jones and the flashy fielding of Andruw Jones.

Check out the lineup and let us know who we got right and who we left off!

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