#6 | New York Mets

Oftentimes the Mets are associated with bizarre strings of injuries to stars, terrible records and controversy following the franchise. However, they’ve shown an admirable resiliency and ability to rise above all the negativity and put together some legendary playoff runs.

These runs have resulted in two World Series titles, five NL pennants and six division titles. Those World Series runs were the stuff of legend: the 1969 “Miracle Mets” were the first Mets teams to have a winning record, while the 1986 champions were twice down to the final strike in Game 6 and came back to win the series in seven games. That series was noted for the famous Bill Buckner play.

The Mets benefit the most of any team from the “Hobby boost” in our list. This team stacked head-to-head against some of the other teams might not be equal in legendary status, but many of their biggest stars came of age in the 1980s and 1990s, the main era of baseball card collecting. Players like Darryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez and Mike Piazza were superstars in the 1980s or 1990s and had very popular baseball cards, giving this team that extra boost to make it all the way to No. 6 in our list.

You can purchase many of these cards on the Beckett Marketplace: Mike Piazza, Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Cleon Jones, Carlos Beltran, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter and John Franco.



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