#15 | Chicago White Sox

The White Sox were one of the original members of the American League, being founded in 1901. They started very strongly, winning the World Series in 1906. That feat would be repeated 11 years later in 1917. However, 1919 the White Sox became embroiled in one of the worst scandals in baseball history. Eight players on the team were accused of intentionally losing the World Series at the behest of gamblers. The “Black Sox” scandals stained baseball forever, and caused all eight of the accused to be banned for life from baseball. The best of the eight, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, became one of the saddest stories in baseball as many believe he was not really part of the scandal (he hit .375 in the series and made 0 errors). His lifetime ban robbed baseball fans of one of the greats of all time as his career ended at age 32.

This scandal rocked the entire franchise for almost 100 years, the White Sox didn’t win another World Series until 2005. They did win the 1959 AL Pennant, but lost the World Series that season. Our White Sox Legendary Lineup features players from those teams, like Nellie Fox, Minnie Minoso and Luis Aparicio from the 1959 team and Mark Buerhle and Paul Konerko from the 2005 team. However, the White Sox had legendary players throughout their history, even if they were unable to win the World Series or Pennants. Carlton Fisk is one of the greatest catchers of all time and knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm was a great reliever who pitched until he was almost 50-years-old. And, of course the team features the legendary Frank Thomas. “The Big Hurt” dominated the 1990s and was easily the first name on the list.

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